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Look out for mopeds

August 10, 2022

Think bike! Image of a delivery moped

Here's another top tip when learning to drive, always expect the unexpected, you need a 6th sense for other road users, keep an eye on your side mirrors. Watch this video to see what we recently caught on film, you wont believe it!

When driving on complex multi lane roundabouts keep an eye on your side mirrors as moped delivery drivers can appear out of nowhere. With the increasing number of them on our roads right now via Just Eat UK, Deliveroo and Uber Eats they are under ever increasing pressures to deliver not just take away meal but single items such as coffee or an ice cream.

They take risks just to get paid due to the algorithms set by the delivery companies whose estimated journeyed times are completely unrealistic. These companies also do not ensure that their riders are fully trained and operate on a CBT with L plates on a provisional licence. Riding like this is really dangerous and costs the taxpayer and the NHS a lot of money sweeping them off the road after and accident.

Look out for them and check out our Online Driving Course which has a video and questions to help you learn how to changing lanes safely.