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Driving lesson terms and conditions


The pupil and their Ultimate Driving Instructor are responsible for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons which shall be recorded on the pupil’s Appointment Card. If either party needs to change or cancel lessons this should be done using an SMS text or WhatsApp message so in the future it is easier to resolve any disputes.

The pupil will be given the option to either take their Appointment Card away after each lesson OR have their instructor keep it in the car sending a picture of it via WhatsApp each lesson. If the pupil opts to take their Appointment Card they MUST bring it with them each lesson. If this becomes a problem the Ultimate Driving Instructor will insist on keeping it in the car and instead send a picture of lesson bookings on WhatsApp.

Both pupil and their Ultimate Driving Instructor should be ready for lessons at the specified time and location as specified on the Appointment Card. The pupil must ensure payment has been made before any lessons are taken.

The pupil must always wear a pair of thin soled shoes suitable for driving and bring spectacles or contact lenses if required by law. It is essential that both pupil and instructor are fully alert for driving lessons. Alertness can be affected by lack of sleep, regular meals and fluid intake.

Both pupil and instructor are aware of the list of medical conditions that can affect their ability to drive and agree to inform the DVLA if required to do so by law. Both pupil and instructor understand that failing to notify DVLA could result in a large fine and perhaps invalidate any insurance claims.

The instructor will check the pupil’s eyesight on their first driving lesson and shall make relevant licence checks before the first lesson. The pupil must bring their provisional licence on their first lesson.

If the pupils eyesight or driving licence situation changes before or after their first lesson e.g. points on licence, convictions or medical conditions it is the pupils responsibility to inform their instructor. Failure to pass an eyesight test with an instructor at any time will result in the lesson ending and the pupil still being charged.


The pupil losing their phone, not having phone credit or not having the money for their lesson are not valid excuses for late cancellations or not showing up for a lesson.

The pupil must ensure that their instructor has up to date contact details if they need to cancel or change a lesson. If the pupil or instructor needs to amend or cancel a driving lesson the appropriate notice period must be adhered to as set out below.

All cancellations must be made directly between the pupil and their instructor and within the relevant cancellation period.

If the pupil does not cancel the lesson then their instructor may charge a fee. Lessons should always be amended or cancelled via SMS text or WhatsApp. Please ensure that the message has been received by the recipient.

  • 1 Hour Lessons = 24 Hours Notice
  • 1.5 Hour Lessons = 36 Hours Notice
  • 2 Hour Lessons = 48 Hours Notice

If 3 or more hour lessons are booked in a 7 day period payment must be made in advance. Separate terms and conditions will apply for intensive courses. This will include the pupil paying up front and losing their fee if any or all of the lessons are changed or cancelled.


All Ultimate Driving Instructors are self-employed on a franchise basis. The contract for tuition is between the pupil and their assigned instructor. If the pupil has concerns about their instructor then please take these up with their instructor in the first instance. In the case of wanting to change instructor please contact Ultimate Driving.

Payment & Refunds

The pupil should always ensure payment has been made for their lesson(s) and pay their instructor before each lesson. We occasionally accept cash but prefer bank transfer to keep banking charges to a minimum. Cheques are not accepted.

Ultimate Driving Instructors never accept any payments in arrears.

Prepaid lessons must be used within a year of initial payment. Lesson prices that have not been paid in advance may vary at any time. Four weeks notice should apply if Ultimate Driving wishes to change its pricing.

Unused lessons are fully refundable to the pupil as long as this is requested within a year of initial payment. The pupil would need to produce their Appointment Card or images of it which act as a receipt of payment and how many lessons are remaining from any prepaid block so a refund can be issued.

Driving Tests

If a pupil wants to use their Ultimate Driving Instructor’s car for the test then their instructor must consent and agree that the pupil is at test standard. At test standard the pupil should be getting it right all of the time without their instructors’ help.

Passing a theory test DOES NOT mean that the pupil should book a driving test automatically as everybody progresses at different rates.

For more information visit

The pupil’s instructor is best placed to advise whether they are ready to book and will help them make the decision to book based on waiting list times, lesson availability and progress to date.

The pupil must have a 40 minute Mock Test with another Ultimate Driving Instructor (if they are available in the same type of vehicle) before sitting a practical test to give both pupil and their instructor the best indication of test readiness. If another Ultimate Driving Instructor is not available a full 40 minute Mock Test must be conducted with the pupils assigned Ultimate Driving Instructor. If the pupil is using their own car for the driving test a Mock Test is advisory not mandatory.

If the pupil books a driving test without their Ultimate Driving Instructor’s consent then they should make arrangements to do the test in their own car.

If the pupil is driving a car at home more than in their Ultimate Driving Instructor’s car then it will always be recommended to take the driving test in the car which they are more familiar with.

Ultimate Driving reserves the right to withdraw our cars for test purposes if the pupil proves not to be at test standard and can do this up to the DVSA’s current required cancellation period. If the pupil is not reaching test standard on the lead up to their driving test the instructor will make the pupil aware and discuss options in advance.

The pupil cannot hold Ultimate Driving responsible if the DVSA cancels or changes your Driving or Theory Test appointment OR if any mechanical failures occur before or during a test. Ultimate Driving will make every effort to arrange a different car or to fix the problem wherever possible.

General Hygiene & COVID 19/Cold/Flu/Sickness Symptoms

Ultimate Driving reserves the right to enforce wearing face coverings at any time if infection rates are high for any infectious illnesses including Covid 19 particularly in the winter months.

The Ultimate Driving Instructor will wipe down every surface in the car on a daily basis and will ensure that hand sanitizer is used before and after each driving lesson. The training vehicle should be cleaned inside and out on a weekly basis. If the pupil is not happy with the general cleanliness of the training vehicle the pupil should make their Ultimate Driving Instructor aware.

If the pupil or Ultimate Driving Instructor shows any signs of symptoms of any type of illness on or before the day of a driving lesson then face coverings should be worn in the car to help prevent transmission. This would include if pupil or instructor have been in close contact with anyone displaying Cold/Flu/Covid/Sickness like symptoms especially within the same household.

These precautions are taken to limit lesson cancellations and loss of earnings due to illness. Ultimate Driving Instructors also have a responsibility to try to ensure all pupils can still get to their long awaited Driving Test appointments.

Ultimate Driving Instructors will always have a supply of disposable masks but we would prefer pupils to bring their own to reduce plastic waste.

If the pupil would prefer their instructor to wear a mask in the car and have all surfaces wiped down before each lesson their instructor would be more than happy to do so. In this case the pupil needs to make their Ultimate Driving Instructor aware of what they would prefer before each lesson.


Both pupil and the Assigned Ultimate Driving Instructor have read and understand the above Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them and enter into a contract for driving tuition. By taking or conducting Ultimate Driving Lessons or mock tests with any Ultimate Driving Instructor both the pupil and instructor have deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions will be signed electronically via our website before any course of driving lessons can commence. A copy of these will be emailed at the time to the pupil for their records.

Ultimate Driving reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time but will always inform existing pupils of any changes made.