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How to parallel park safely

August 3, 2022

Parallel Park Safely

Sometimes when teach something happens that if caught on camera is worth showing to other people to prevent an accident.  Whenever reversing and steering the front end of the car will swing out in the opposite direction.

Parallel Parking is one of the tasks that most people fear the most on the driving test and in real life a lot of people avoid it full stop!  It’s a really important tool to have in the toolbox espicailly in towns and cities where free parking is limited.  To put it simply you can get into a smaller space when reversing compared to going in forwards.  This is because when you put the car in reverse your car temporarily becomes a forklift truck with the steering at the opposite end to the direction of travel.  A for lift has the steering at he back which means it can make really tight turns in confined spaces.

This video highlights the need to check the blindspot before turning even if you think there is little opportunity fo there being something there.  In this video we are parallel parking next to a kerb and grass area.  There are no pavements, driveways or parked cars to worry about. Just 30-50cm of space for the car to swing. So nothing will fit in there at 20mph will it? 😳

Our online driving course which has a designated video on how to parallel park is available here