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Dealing With Multiple Roundabouts - Driving Test Route Newbury

August 24, 2023

Image for Dealing With Multiple Roundabouts - Driving Test Route Newbury

The two Roundabouts at the top of the A339 Link where Monks Lane crosses over to the Newbury Retail Park are complicated for any driver leta alone someone sitting their driving test! If the Sandleford Development ever takes place this part of Newbury will become gridlocked and far more dangerous than it is now unless the road markings and signage are improved.

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The roundabouts are at the top of the A339 link at the south end of Newbury where the Retail Park and Newbury College are situated have always caused issues with local drivers and learners alike. The roundabouts are poorly sign posted especially if you come from Monks Lane which does not even show Newbury College exists. On top of that there is no lane guidance in the form of arrows painted on the floor or on signs.  This means that if you are going ahead at the first roundabout from Monks Lane you do not necessarily know what to do at the second one.  The second roundabout has 3 lanes and does not tell you how to approach the third Roundabout! In fact according to the lane markings at the second roundabout you can only go ahead in the right lane and not turn right. This situation is repeated from every single entry point with signs predating the existance of Newbury College almost 25 years ago!

This video helps to explain this key local point which definitely comes up on the Driving Test in Newbury.  The Newbury Test Centre is located on New Greenham Park which is South East of town down the A339 towards Basingstoke.

Here is the location on Google Maps of all of the videos featured below:

The 6 Multiple Roundabout Combinations

1. Ahead then right from Monks Lane to Newtown (The Swan Pub) A339

2. Left then ahead from Newtown A339 (The Swan Pub) to Monks Lane

3. Left from Newtown Road then right To Newtown Road (The Swan Pub)

4. Right From Newtown Road (The Swan Pub) then right to Newtown Road

5. Ahead from Retail Park then Right to Newtown Road

6. Right from A339 Burger King then right into Newtown Road

4 Top Tips For The Driving Test

✅ Its OK to go the wrong way as long as you do it safely and correctly

✅ Plan ahead early and be aware of whats behind and to your sides on approach

✅ Approach at a sensible speed and DO NOT accelerate off the first one

✅ Always check your blind spot when exiting and changing lanes

To View Local Knowledge Videos Showing Parts of The Newbury Test Routes Watch Here

Contact West Berkshire Council

If you feel that this roundabout signs and markings needs improving email and provide a link to this web page!