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Automatic vs Manual Driving Lessons - Which Is Best in 2023?

December 1, 2022

Image for Automatic vs Manual Driving Lessons - Which Is Best in 2023?

Learning to drive in 2022 is far more difficult than when I first started teaching in 2002.  This is not really due to the test becoming harder (which it has) but far more to do with the amount of cars on the road compared to 20 years ago.  The amount of impatient people who are more aggressive has also increased in that time.  Combine this with many people that are texting and using social media whilst driving it is a much harder environment to deal with!

The roads themselves have also become more cluttered with parked cars, roundabouts, mini roundabouts and more traffic lights plus pedestrian crossings.  This all means it's harder to drive than it was 20 years ago.

Learning in automatic and particularly an electric car is a far easier experience.  You cannot stall.  This removes the pressure and gives you more time to worry about choosing a gap rather than worrying if the car is going to suddenly stop in the middle of a roundabout.  Hill starts are a joy but generally the brain is not having to work in the background coordinating your left foot and hand which frees up cognitive ability to focus on the road ahead and other drivers (who might be texting) around you.

The statistics I mention in the video are available to read below from the DVSA themselves and from a survey and research done by Car Wow.



Don't forget the future is electric/hydrogen and all of these cars will be automatic.  The cut off point in the UK for petrol and diesel cars is 2030 but in reality the car manufacturers are making the switch much earlier than that.  Of the 298 cars available to buy in 2022 only 98 are available with a manual gearbox! Please give the above a read!