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Be Careful On Short Entry Slip Roads

October 11, 2022


Dual carriageway slip roads can be dangerous places. Far more so than motorway slip roads.  Motorway slip roads are always long and sometimes have two lanes.  There are usually more than 2 lanes for traffic on the motorway to move into.  After all lane one must be clear for you to join!

Dual carriageway slip roads can sometimes be 10 times smaller than motorway slip roads which means if you go around the sharp bend too fast there either might not be a gap in lane one OR there might be someone else stopped on the slip road waiting to join.

We would advise going around the bend at 25mph in second gear (in a manual) for maximum acceleration if needed.  Always make sure your signal is on before the bend so the traffic in lane one is more likely to see you and try to help you!  Coming round the corner too fast also gives the drivers in lane one less time to help you hence we recommend 25mph ready to floor it if safe.

Always use the whole slip road to accelerate on when it is safe so you join the dual carriageway as fast as possible.  If you have to wait try not to stop right down the end of the slip road and keep tight to the solid white line so you have more view in the mirror.  DO NOT queue behind someone too close and block their view in their right mirror.  This is especially dangerous if you are the second vehicle and you are driving a big 4x4, van or lorry.