Welcome to our Online Driving Lesson page!

Here you can practice using multiple choice animated quiz based tutorials how to carry out the main topics you will need to pass your driving test ASAP. There are a few to get going with please make sure you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer as these tutorials will not work on a Tablet or Smartphone. They are designed to get you learning some of the basic routines you need to use when driving particularly moving off and turning left and right into side roads. Although they do not include the Left Reverse on the driving test anymore it is still worth having a look at as there are situations that can crop up during the current reversing exercises you would be tested on.

  1. Moving Off Freeview Channel
  2. Turning LeftTurning Left into Side Road Freeview Channel
  3. Turning Right into Side Road Freeview Channel
  4. Left Reverse Freeview channel
  5. Parallel Parking Freeview channel