Welcome to the DASHBOARD the home of online driving lessons in the UK. Here you can practice using multiple choice animated quiz based tutorials how to carry out the main topics you will need to pass your driving test ASAP. The full range of topics are still being developed however the first two online driving lessons are up and running FREE of charge.

Our online driving lessons are designed to give your driving instructor more time spent teaching you to drive and less time spent on the side of the road doing briefings on your proper driving lessons. Using our online driving lessons will give you more time to actually drive and therefore will save you money because you are doing most of your theory at home.

  1. Moving Off Freeview Channel
  2. Turning LeftTurning Left into Side Road Freeview Channel
  3. Turning Right into Side Road Freeview Channel
  4. Left Reverse Freeview channel
  5. Parallel Parking Freeview channel