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Electric mini driving lessons coming to Newbury

April 1, 2022

Automatic electric driving lessons coming to locals in Newbury, Berkshire.

Charged 🔌⚡️and ready to roll 🚗🚦Automatic lessons in the #minielectric begin 😃 #thefuture no #stalling #drivinglessonsnewbury #onlinedrivingcourse #ultimatedrivingcourse

The electric car #revolution is happening. 

We Picked up Mini⚡️ #Electric⚡️on Saturday and had the dual controls fitted today! 😀🚗 

116 miles round trip had a great coffee and chocolate brownie whilst dual controls were fitted. 

The total trip 116 miles including charging and brownies cost £11.54 that’s £5.30 on refuelling myself and £6.24 on the car! 

We will be taking on #Automatic pupils soon as am looking to go full time in it ASAP. 

20 years of stalling, rolling back on hills, pupils hesitating at roundabouts has finally got to me especially after 4 non-fault accidents in as many years from being hit by someone from behind! 

It’s soooooo #easy to drive and is the #future of driving. Graphics and #dashcam next week and it’s on the road! 🛣🚦