How do I know when to book my Driving Test?

Discuss this with your instructor. You should only take a Driving Test if you are getting it right all of the time on your own!

If you are still being talked through or prompted on any aspect of your driving it probably means you are not ready for the Driving Test.

Look at your online notes that you would have been provided with on your lessons and check your Appointment Card on the inside pages to check what stages you are at and how much local knowledge you have covered.

You can also take a Mock Test with another Ultimate Driving Instructor this will really tell you if you are ready or not. Your instructor will tell you several weeks before if they feel that you are not going to be ready for a test.

You may change or cancel your driving test up to three working days before the date. However if you leave it this late to change you will have to rejoin the back of the queue.

How do I book my Driving Test?

You may book your driving test using the Direct Gov website

You will need your Theory Certificate Number and Driving licence Number and a valid credit or debit card.

Your instructor would give you their ADI number to add to the booking to prevent double booking and to avoid any time booked off for example holidays.

Check with your instructor when the best time to book your test is, as he or she may already be taking someone to the Test Centre at this time.

Once you have received confirmation send a text message to your instructor confirming the time and date. You will usually be allocated a 2 hour slot in his or her diary. This is so you have an hour to warm up before your test and then the use of the car during your test. So remember you will need to pay your instructor for two hours on the day of your test.

We are therefore well aware that taking a Driving Test will cost around £140 and like to ensure that you are fully ready to take the test. If you feel that you drive the car you practice it at home better or want to do a time that your instructor is not available you could always take the test in your own car.

This would be cheaper as you would not have to pay for the 2 hours on the day. Your instructor would offer some advice on what to do and where to go on the day of your test.

Do you have any advice for me?

DO NOT tell every man and his dog that you have your driving test.

Keep it to yourself if possible. You do not need to hear everyone else’s stories about their driving test just before you take yours. By keeping it to yourself there is less pressure and if you are not successful on the first attempt then you do not have to phone all your friends and relatives to tell them the bad news.

Official DVSA Driving Test Video: