How many lessons will I need?

We simply don’t know how many lessons you will need to pass your test!

If anyone can tell you this they are lying!

Everybody is different.

Some people grow up on farms driving tractors, others have rarely been a passenger in a car. Some live in the middle of nowhere, others live in the centre of town. Most are at an age where absorbing information comes naturally, others absorb more slowly. Some people find it easy to concentrate where others get distracted…

So without seeing you drive it is difficult to tell how many lessons you will need.

If we had to put a number on how many lessons most of our pupils take it would be between 30 and 40 hours.

This can be greatly reduced by getting practice with your parents for example. If you are going to go out with your parents suggest that they sit in the back of one of your lessons to find out if they would feel comfortable about supervising you. Also to find out what you are supposed to be doing as it may have been a long time since they took their driving test!

It is also a good idea to inform us of any issues which affect the way you learn for example if you are Dyslexic. This way we can tailor the way we would teach you.

How will my lessons progress?

The illustration below sets out what we would hope to be covering with you as you progress through each quarter of your learning. It serves as a rough guide to indicate that we won’t be taking you on the A34 until you can cope with junctions and roundabouts.

Likewise there is no point in teaching you to Parallel Park if you can’t use the clutch and don’t understand which way to turn when Reverse Bay Parking.

Image showing the 4 stages of progress when learning to drive

Terms and Conditions

By taking lessons with an Ultimate Driving Instructor you will have to agree to our Terms and Conditions. These conditions are there to protect both you and your instructor from messing each other around. At the end of your first lesson you will be given a copy of the Terms and Conditions and both you and your instructor will have to sign a declaration stating that you agree to comply by them. The Terms and Conditions are available here for viewing and download.